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To continue sheetmetal hell, I have reached the point of Corvette invisibility on the inside of the Falcon.  Some people spend their time figuring out how to make more money, be in charge, take over territories, cure diseases, or other useful things.  I just burn metal . . .

dsc_0075 dsc_0077 dsc_0079

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Falcon’s Insides Post-Welding

Since so many people have checked out my welding project, I thought I’d post a few pictures of the after effects of the interior, to date.  While most would not consider it complete, I have added carpet, sound deadener, and seats (which were mentioned previously).  I also finished painting (badly) the roll bar with POR-15 silver, and added the aforementioned aluminum plate for a bulkhead.  I must say two things:  First, many out there could do this stuff much better than me.  Second, well, who cares?

On a side note, since my pictures tend to suck, as does my camera, you may be interested to know that since I avoided the shoulder harness crossbars (horizontals in main hoop) in my roll bar, my seats will actually recline past the diagonal bar.  Nutjob harnesses and crotch straps don’t mix with a street car–I did get some nice Mustang-type/airplane style repros, however…

In doing much of the above, along with all of the tubing, I’ve become quite adept with the angle grinder–it’s the best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent at Harbor Freight, and it still works great.  Thanks to this electric wonder, I’ve pretty much given up on the old Skill saw, except for when I need to cut wood…

On the topic of the carpet, while it’s okay for the most part, the stupid company I ordered it from, which was based somewhere in the South, either South Carolina or Alabama, depending on whether you trust eBay or the carpet vendor, it was designed for the four-speed lump, rather than the auto tunnel (which I ordered).  As a result, I wound up with a bit of a baggy tunnel section.  I don’t really care, as I really don’t like bare metal floors.  At any rate, the job’s not quite done, as I intend to eventually insulate and carpet (cheaply) the former rear seat area and bulkhead…

See pics:

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