Modern Communication

So this is a blog.  It is officially an anachronism.  People say they read these days; maybe this is because they think it will make them sound smart or cultured.  Just don’t ask them what they’ve read.  The ingredients on a cereal box only result in TLDR.  The blog is an anachronism because reading is an anachronism, in both life and entertainment.  People think that education, much like entertainment, should be a passive endeavor.  Okay . . .

Modernly, if one’s thoughts are to be valued and appreciated by the masses or the few, they must be conveyed via video.  It is to be deemed entertaining to see how complete strangers have breakfast in their rented condo in Orlando.  You want to know, don’t you?  Are you that sad and lonely?  Fuck.  You don’t want a story.  You want to know what your neighbor does in the shower, and that’s as far as the imagination will allow.

Really, the fact that this jibber-jabber is being typed on an actual computer (laptop) is anachronistic, as people still seem to be fighting to sell the reality that tablets and cell phones are actually useful computing devices for standard jobs (like typing readable messages).  Where is your depth?  Oh, yeah, right–you wanted to know what strangers in Florida eat for breakfast, and whether or not they have the same milk-drooling problem with spoon-activated cereal ingestion as you.  What if they do?  Will you immediately post comments related to the fact that they must be related to you, and that you should be included in future vlogs?  You are insane and small.  Shut up, and stop posting comments on YouTube.

With more time wasted watching idiot crap on YouTube, I get dumber in a different way than I did in earlier years watching Highlander reruns at one in the morning.  Granted, Hoonigan videos are arguably sometimes more entertaining than another episode in which Duncan MacLeod is jerked off by lightning, but really, is a burnout in a car still a new thing after what, eight decades?  Swords and heads, I guess.

There you have it:  writing.  It’s for reals, no face required.  You don’t have the time.  Here’s a pic of what real idiocy results in:


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