For anyone wondering about the next terrible thing that will happen to my non-Ford Falcon, see the pictures that follow.  The frame work is just about done-ish.  The hardest part of the new front firewall is done (sheetmetal hard to decipher in pics, but peeking out under where dash used to be, attaching to 1.5″ square tube at bottom).  The dash is out for now, but I may weld it back in.  The transmission is mounted, but until I’m done welding on the chassis (or finally put the Pontiac G8 pan on), it’s staying on blocks.  The crappy old cage is out, and a new main hoop is in.  I’m presently on the fence as to whether I’ll do a six-point (or some derivation of what comes in a Euro-spec Porshce GT3) or a full cage again.  I’ve got piles of tubing in the garage now . . .

Edit:  For clarity’s sake, the tubes (except for the square tube under the dash) you see in the frame are 2×3, 1×2, and 1×1, all .120 wall.  The pictures (and shitty camera) tend to make things look weird.

The pics basically show the current layout of the central frame, along with what I’m calling my structural tunnel, which will eventually connect to the firewall frame, which is in process (only three tubes so far), and to the Corvette’s former (structural) rear firewall, which is like 14 or 16-gauge sheet with lots of bead rolling.  Note that the rear upright section of the tunnel also provides the mounting point for the abbreviated differential forward-mount, the old longer version of which used to attach to the 4l60 that was in the Corvette.  A final pic shows the orientation of the LS 5.3 in relation to the front axle centerline/control arms.  The old Ford orientation had the engine way closer to the front (so lame) . . .


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