In case anyone didn’t throw up . . .

Here’s a pic or two of the current state of the car (my summer project) that’s so liberally colored this blog:

DSCF0567 DSCF0569 DSCF0568 DSCF0566newback

No, there’s nothing left, short of body parts, that was made by Ford.  The old cage will need to be cut out, as the new engine position is about a foot back from normal.  I’ll be sitting further back, when there’s a floor and a seat, than where the cage’s main hoop currently sits, which is a no-no for avoiding contact with tubes.  Since the new central frame (2×3 tubing plated, braced, and welded to the C4 Corvette front and rear frame sections) is now welded to the body’s rockers, I don’t have to worry about the body crunching up for lack of support, so at some point, chop-chop goes the old cage, or at least most of it.  (Yes, it could have been done far better, anyway . . .)

What’s weird is that since I’ve begun desecrating this once Fordy-Ford, I noticed that the Dusold Designs Camaro has taken on a very similar bent with weight distribution, mass centralization, and Corvettiness . . .  I wish someone would post some damn pictures of the current state of that thing.

If anyone was wondering, law school is a great way to divert one’s attention from stupid car tricks . . .


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4 responses to “In case anyone didn’t throw up . . .

  1. willis

    I’ve got similar plans for my 64 futura, but it involves a cts donor car. Keep it up, keep posting. And do you have a pro-touring page?

    • gashp

      That sounds cool, Willis. The CTS has good bones, and they could only be fixed with a good body, like the Falcon’s . . . I don’t have any official build threads anywhere, but I do show up in others’ posts from time to time. Some guys on Lateral G (.net?) have even posted pics (that they took) of my Falcon racing. Best of luck with your build–I figure mine will take a few years to get through (the present bastardization, that is), given life’s schedule . . .

  2. very cool – the engine setback will also make the Falcon a great drag race car because the rear wheel traction will be greatly improved.

    • gashp

      That theory works, Frank–thanks for posting. When the thing rolls, though, I’ll be doing my best to avoid breaking the D36 Corvette rear end. If I ever figure out how to build a turbo set-up (way in the future, but eating at my skull now), it will probably mean new differential of some kind . . .

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