Proactive Destruction

See the progress in getting to the core of my Ford Falcon re-engineering project.  It’s shockingly easy to rip a 1992 Corvette apart with your bare hands (gloves are recommended) in an afternoon…


Excuse the tarp–I hate looking at non-moving things in my driveway…




This pile of crap is the dash, carpet, sound deadener, etc.  The green speaks for itself.  At this point, I need to do some serious measuring, take some notes, and figure out how much of the rear tub comes off, whether or not I have to unbolt the aluminum tank subframe yet (yes, I do), and where to cut the thing in half for the extension…

At some point soon, I’ll also have to figure out what I’ll be using for a firewall, how much, if any of my existing cage will transfer, and so many other freaking things, like what I’ll do for a tranny crossmember, and what I’ll make for a new differential torque mount.

For the uninitiated, the C4 Corvette supported the transmission by running an aluminum beam between the fixed rear differential and the tailshaft of the transmission–there was no transmission crossmember.  I’ll need to make two pieces to replace the old single piece, since the new transmission bolts in underneath, like in a normal car…

New skill to come:  plasma cutter usage.

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