The Great Automotive Insult

Here lies the new foundation of the Falcon:



It will require a bit of modification, but really, who the hell needs more crap that bolts on to existing Ford ideas from the late-’50s?  This is what happens when I get tired of working within the confines of what I’ve been provided (or bought, as it were).  The 1992 Corvette’s wheelbase is about 13 inches shorter than the Falcon’s, so it will need some changes, which will happen after I sell off (or give away) as much of the ‘glass parts as I can.  It’s really a pretty decent car, and I’ve gotten to know it as a commuter over the past few months.  It’s a good thing the car’s previous owner did not get to know me…

You’re supposed to have a Corvette as a middle-aged  man, right?

So anyhoo, once I got to know the ins and outs of this car, I came to be quite impressed with the overall design, parts, and geometry.  Everything on the chassis is super-light, as the suspension consists of aluminum control arms/links and composite transverse leaf springs that literally weigh nothing.  There is independent suspension in the rear, part of which I got to know by replacing half-shaft u-joints already.  There are 12-inch Australian PBR brakes at all corners.  The wheels are square, with 17×9.5 at all corners (that’s 275/40/17).  The LT1 350 was a decent motor, but since I already sourced the LS, it was not needed (sold it).  There are many reasons why this chassis design ruled autocross and set all kinds of speed records over the past 3+ decades.  Ford has gotten nowhere near this yet, short of the GT-unicorn car, which is in some (if not many) ways less impressive.

Deconstruction awaits…



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