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So rather than continuing to feed off of rotting meat, I’ve decided that one year of law school was enough.  It was not one too many, because the idea had been in the back of my head for a long time, like more than 20 years, so it had to be tried.  It was tried.  It blew.  Life is too short for that shit.  Back to regularly scheduled idiocy.

During the last month of law school, I decided that the Falcon needed some chronic redirection, since it had come to piss me off a bit.  In other words, I’d built the car to a point where I didn’t really like driving it anymore, unless I was doing so in anger.  This resulted in a car that gets most of its mileage on a trailer, which is exactly what happened last year.  Granted, I had some good experiences doing the autocross and track thing, and I intend to do more with this car, but it needs a bit more balance.  So I ripped the thing apart and sold (almost) everything that was bolted on.  The new story begins with the following:



That’s a 2011 5.3 LS (Chevy, motherfuckers), with a 6l80 automatic behind it.  It makes about the same power as the former Ford Racing X302, but without the commotion; it will greatly increase driveability and mileage, while calming my nerves.  It will necessitate creating considerably more room in the following part of the car:



Before ripping the old pile apart, I finally began some body work on some dents that had been accumulated over the preceding couple of years:


The interior remains pretty hard:


Final decisions on suspension have not been made yet, but it will not involve shock towers; most likely, it will not involve the original rear sheetmetal subframe, either.  That’s okay, because there’s a shiny Miller 211 waiting to get to work, after I rent a plasma cutter to remove much of Ford’s original brilliance…

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