Thoughts on Law School

Law school sucks.  It sucks balls.  If you don’t like balls, or sucking on, near, or with them, this is a bad thing.

Perhaps there’s something to this, in that when one searches for existing lawyers who are happy with their vocational choices, they usually seem to want to be writers (no, lawyers cannot write on average, so fuck that fallacy), teachers, or perpetual travelers funded by who the fuck knows what.  There are of course the typical liars who work for personal injury firms and who, like so many DMV or Taco Bell employees, exuberantly exclaim their love for their “work.”  This is surely after their lunchtime and breaktime showers, and after their office-based dinners (and subsequent showers).  Prozac, anyone?

Did I somehow figure out reverse osmosis here?  Does my decision making actually worsen with age?


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2 responses to “Thoughts on Law School

  1. Crystal Wiltz Joyce

    Of the attorneys that I know first hand they usually are guilted into law school or feel as though they need to be an attorney because one or both parents were/are attorneys themselves or think it’s a good way to make decent money. Real estate law seems to be the way to go if you want to make good money. Business law always interested me when I was in college though, I genuinely enjoyed learning about contracts – it was much more interesting than my core accounting courses. I hope you allow yourself to enjoy your time in law school.

    • gashp

      Thanks for the encouragement. I hated contracts in year one, but in year two, real property (and more importantly, criminal procedure) is much more up my alley. I try to get it down one semester (or drink) at a time . . .

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