Laguna Seca Damages

Being on track with a bunch of cars that cost more than my house was pretty cool.  Track decorations included Ferraris, Maclarens, race-prepped Vipers, and Porsche GT3s (not more expensive than my house, but still way-fucking money).  What’s cool is when they don’t catch up to my 51 year-old rattle-can special.

I did succumb to parts failures, however, with an exploded alternator, a shredded radiator hose, and burned brakes.  The car worked great, however, for the two sessions I survived; all of the above happened in the last lap of my second 20-minute session.  The cost was about ten bucks a minute, just for the track time.  The track photogs kind of sucked this time, though, providing no corkscrew pics…

borrowed image



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