Falcon on another track: Sonoma Raceway

I thought I’d do a limited-time addition (not edition), with a bit of explanation and a few pics, courtesy of http://www.gotbluemilk.com.  While I have’t really taken pictures lately, the Falcon has received some updates, including some Wheel Vintiques Mopar steelies (15x8x4.5 backspacing), some Hankook RS3s (225×45), a completed cage (front downtubes + dash crossbar & halo), and a new exhaust system I built for simplicity (2.5 inch pipes into a 3″ pipe x 2 mufflers in sequence), among other things.  For the track, I bought an ignition deal (MSD StreetFire) so I’d have a rev limiter and not blow up my X302.  At some point along the way, I also added a rear sway bar from Mustangs Plus; I think it’s a Hellwig.  All the stuff worked excellently–I even wound up lapping some cars in my run group.  I’m sure they did not expect this…

I’ll update with pics at some point, but I just started law school, so my time wasting’s just about over…


GBM50035 GBM50602 GBM59429

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