Gas Monkey: Much Improved!

Edit:  Pike’s Peak focus has shown huge production value improvement.  Gas Monkey gets cred!

Why must you dirty Texans do the me-too thing with my car?  Must you use a Falcon of the exact same vintage as mine to prove that Aaron (yes, I fucking watch, okay?) is not a Camaro-loving douchenozzle?  It wasn’t necessary.  I guess what pissed me off is this:  You took an already mostly-built car that was being set up for the La Carrera Panamericana (see original car here:, then turned it into a pro-touring me-too car.  Granted, the new version is inarguably cool, but in the process, you’ve insulted a guy who died in the building process of the car (I don’t actually know this, but pro-touring douchery was not in the original plan).  Don’t be so douchey, Ass Monkeys!  As you used to know, throwing money at something does not always make it better–good engineering and subtlety tend to go much further in both style and application.  Oh, but you didn’t bother studying application first…

I was going to bitch about something else today, but my car is pissing me off, so there’s this…

Better here:  yhst-24550429492510_2207_13819448

Better with beer:  Oh, wait, you forgot the beer and went with a stupid haircut instead.  I can’t use another derivation of the word douche here, but I feel a need to say douchetastic, you fucktards.  Ass monkeys!

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