The Most Genius Use for Bread Ever

So, you’re pissed off that you had to pull your new engine because of a horrible whining sound that would come on and make your car emulate a baby goat being tossed into a wood chipper.  Your pilot bearing (or maybe throwout bearing, if you can really risk not replacing both while you’re in there) has fucked you after only about 4000 miles.  You stew over this reality for about a month, then finally get to work, doing shit like the following for a few weeks:  Today, I’ll take the hood off…

You get that shit back out of the car eventually, then split apart your units.  After pulling off the clutch, you see that little fucker sitting there, laughing at you in the middle of the crankshaft.  Based on research, you decide that the reality of the situation is that a pilot bearing just can’t survive after being installed by a human, so you need to go with an old-school bronze pilot pushing (which actually fits better, anyway).  But you’ve got to get that fucking bearing out…

Everybody says to pack grease in the hole, then jam some shit in there.  For this obsessive complainer, that shit did not work after three tries and a bunch of shit covered in grease.  I thought maybe I’d have to waste an hour and go to AutoZone to get the tool they make for pulling this shit (nobody uses it, whatever it is).  Then I remembered this video of brilliant white trash ingenuity I found on You Tube, and that I had exactly one piece of sourdough bread left…


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