Rules for Writing: #1

Upon weighing out the things to do in life lately, I’ve been vacillating between law school and writing.  So here I find myself thinking of what to write, what to try, and what to think about (the point).  I haven’t wanted to write for a long time, but putting writing books up against law school makes writing books seem pretty fun; the likelihood of making money from either isn’t great (read:  how you wind up driving a truck for a living for a decade).  Writing books is free, especially if you suck at it…

So let’s begin a series of random, probably offensive rules for writers, at number one (because that makes sense):

1.  Know that you suck.

Do you doubt this rule?  Did you believe the car salesman when he told you he “knows” cars?  Do you want the most confident surgeon in the world to remove that lump in your boob?

“Yeah, I’ll knock the shit outta that lump–worst case, you just get some new tits.  No probs…”

Anyhoo, it’s good to realize that editing is perpetual.

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