Obamacare Realities: Mainly Ripoff Bullshit

1.  It’s not his idea, so do not blame President Obama.  Romney came up with this crap and put it to work in Massachusetts long before it was called “Obamacare.”

2.  This is, however, the government fucking you.  Your health care policy will probably be canceled soon, for a happy new year.

3.  The fact that the federal plan purchasing site does or does not work is meaningless.  With the zillions of other places online that you can buy 2014 coverage (standardized everywhere online), the federal site (shite) is meaningless, unnecessary, and most importantly, a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.  It does not need to work or exist, unless you can’t spell Google.

4.  The idiot media should be reporting on how many people have visited any insurance site, and rather than logging on and purchasing, said “fuck this!”

5.  Aside from purported benefits to people with no money, which could be theoretically helpful, there are very few “improvements” here, short of the preexisting conditions bullshit that the government could have easily shut down without allowing the insurance and hospital (corporate, non-profit, of course) scum to rape us all.  We could have called this protecting citizens from corporate scum.

6.  There are millions of people affected by this bullshit:  They include people who simply cannot afford insurance, the self-employed, the perpetually contracted, and those who realize that many, if not most employers provide bullshit coverage that costs you the same on the open market, so they choose to get it themselves, among others.  If the idea is to help women, children, and the poor, the other idea is to screw everyone else.  Insurance companies definitely do not need to double everyone’s costs to offset (not actually new) hospital fees that are already paid for with massive quantities of income tax.

7.  Why hasn’t the media said shit about the new costs?  On average, with Obamacare, you’re paying twice as much per month; some get it worse, far worse, with absolutely no improvement or reduction in cost.  Being retired and paying $800.00 a month for shitty catastrophic health “insurance” is nobody’s idea of an improvement (my in-laws are evidence).  Fuck you, congress!

8.  Improved access is Harvard covering major tuition costs for people who can’t afford it, but “deserve” the “best” education; unfortunately, this is a very small part of the population, and like all of the worst bullshit, is motivated by marketing.  Businesses live to charge full price, and then some.  If there is any way at all to get you to pay, it will happen.

9.  For the policies I’ve been given access to, I am allowed to pay $250.00 a month for about a $5000.00 deductible (per year), with a maximum of $6350.00 out of my pocket in the year.  That’s pretty much a $6350.00 deductible.  Thank you.  Up to about $350.00 to $400.00 a month, I might be able to avoid the deductible.  Fuck you very much, but I need to eat.  How does this help anyone?  Oh yeah, it’s not the insurance scumbags, but the hospital scumbag administrators who must constantly build new hospitals and give themselves raises and turn doctors into drug pushers.  Muchas gracias, fuckers!

Unfortunately for President Obama, this is going to really fuck his legacy up; he does not deserve this, nor do we who have to pay for this bullshit deserve to suffer the prices of congress selling the country to the highest bidders (or most frequent payers).  I’m not one to throw conspiracy theories up, but if the powers that be could throw some dirt on President Obama that would be really hard to clean off, just wait a couple of months, if you can’t see it now…

Insert image of sucker that I would probably be sued over, were I to copy and paste it here.

Stay out of the hospital, my friends.

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