FOMO: What People with Camaros Do

Being generally out of the loop, I’ve recently learned that the acronym FOMO means fear of missing out. This is the social disease created by social media, where people on Facebook or Twitter might have suggested that they think you have a huge penis, an ugly face, an embarrassing house, an awesome car, or a stupid kid. Oh my god, that was like ten seconds . . . maybe somebody just said that my hair is awesome, or shitty? Maybe Miley Montana replied to my Twitter crap? I must know now . . . that none of this shit means, well, shit.

I’m not there, so don’t look.

Anyhoo, FOMO is really just part of what Ford used to call itself: FoMoCo. Why they stopped this, I have no idea, but they should start again. The coolest thing Camaros ever had was “body by Fisher,” whoever the fuck Fisher was. It wasn’t FoMoCo. It wasn’t Shelby, either…

Yenko? Really? Who, other than Mecum and its cash registers, really cares?

As a final thought, chrome wheels really, really suck.  Remember this when trying to make your AMG Mercedes look snazzy.

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