Russians do good things!

It’s not all about anger, Siberia, crazy politicians, and adopting non-American babies.  I present the following as beautiful evidence:



Baltika makes an amazing range of beers.  The one I like is number 9, which is pictured above.  Perhaps oddly, it has 8% alcohol, and it comes in a huge bottle (1 pint, .9 oz.); the versions below this number (like 7, for example) come in prettier, more shapely bottles.  On the front of the label, it says “Extra Lager,” but on the back, perhaps for international brewing regulations, it says “Ale.”  Whatever it is, it’s easy, smooth, and effective.  Once one goes outside the bounds of the U.S., the term “lager” takes on new meaning; it is not something you need to drink in 18-pack quantity to get a decent buzz, given the correct choice.  The Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, and Russia all produce lagers that are so far from the U.S. average that one may feel genuinely damaged after doing a bit of sampling.  I thank my favorite store, Total Wine, for providing me with the ability to make this post.

I used to ride motorcycles with a really cool Russian guy, but he apparently moved to the dark side, i.e. Florida…

As Americans, we’re used to getting news that makes Russians appear unreasonable, but consider the following:  The gator in the picture is from New Orleans, where you can buy Yuengling beer.  You can’t buy Yuengling in CA, or most, if not all places west of the Mississippi, although you can get it all over the East Coast.  What the fuck?

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