Find the Power Steering, Waldo…

To maintain the level of steering speed/quick ratio with the Falcon, without adding fluid, squeaking belts, or any other crap on the front of the engine or under the car, I found a super-modern way of adding power steering.  In fact, I found a great way to have 2.5-turn steering, and I can use it with one hand now.  Find the solution in the pictures!

DSCF0078.JPG DSCF0074 DSCF0077DSCF0072

Obviously, it’s hard to take a picture of something that takes up so little space.  All it took to install was a 1/8th inch plate (came with unit, pre-cut) welded into the firewall, some u-joints, and a couple of shafts on either end of the EPS (look it up) unit; there was a bit of wiring, too, but it was cake.  Rather than completely re-making one of the shafts after the quickener (input shaft for the EPS unit), which is still under the dash, I simply made the end of it into a DD shaft with the neighbor’s bench grinder.  For the bottom shaft (output shaft from the EPS unit), I just ordered a couple feet of double-D shaft from Summit Racing, cut to size, and replaced the original input shaft that came with the Unisteer rack.  The only annoying thing about the EPS install was having to now own two specific/special sizes of Unisteer-only u-joints.  Oh, and this time, before assembling any of the shaft/joint sections, I rounded off all edges of the output-side u-joints, and made sure the connecting ends of the shafts would not contact at any angle…

It’s so cool when you can steer the car without the thing running, with nearly no effort or noise.  If the car dies, it just reverts back to the old steering effort level (very slightly more with the electric motor’s drag), which was totally manageable, just not full-time reasonable.

Specifically speaking, I installed Unisteer’s improved Electra-Steer unit.  It’s awesome.  Take my word for it.

For a bit of rear-end porn, I’ll offer another picture soon.  After last year’s crash, I was plagued with a bit of pulsation in the rear brakes (formerly drums).  After a bit of investigation, I found that one of the axle shafts had been bent to crap, mainly near the flange; it had done a great job of hiding itself, but it needed to be replaced (Currie shafts from southern CA–well worth the dollars, custom-made to your specs).  While I was at it, I did the other side, and added an SSBC disc kit…


One day, I’ll leave it alone, but then I might crash it again…

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