It’s a choice, but you’re wrong.

You thought going to college would teach you something, or did you?  Did it?  Has it?  Will it?  Most likely, college will teach you how to be a college student, if you pay attention; the problem with this is that for many, being a college student means different things, like getting laid, getting stoned, providing answers for people who will never respect you, and oh, what’s that one?  Achievement.  Nevertheless, who the hell gets a job as a result of good grades?  The assistant manager at Del Taco?

Yes, I’m probably being redundant here, but know this:  College is largely for hiding from the realities of being a full-fledged grownup.  It’s not a source of (useful) education for most; most college students these days are maybe literate at a sixth grade level.  Worse yet, people think that college will get them a job.  Like what?  Selling insurance?  One doesn’t need college to sell shit.  One needs a lack of moral turpitude.

Learn a skill, fucktard!  Learn to fix a car.  Learn to lay tile.  Learn to grow weed, for fuck’s sake.  Do something.  Don’t be a salesjerk or a call-center dope with a useless degree.  Learn to fly a plane (a good minimum-wage job these days).  Be a plumber, a welder, or a mason (brick layer, not secret club-dork); I’d post a picture, but if that’s what you need, I don’t want you to read this.  Get dirty, and be useful.  Know something!  Then, maybe you’ll learn what it’s like to converse without the overwhelming need to bullshit someone…

Be somebody useful to someone else (by knowing how to do something real); after doing this, college will have meaning, purpose, and value.  Online college will not come into the equation…

This post may have been sponsored by Canadian whiskey…

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