Shit that’s not taught in college…

In keeping pace with my on-again/off-again distaste for words, I will provide another blog post that consists of more pretty pictures than sentences.  Note that the weather was much better when I freaked out on these chores; it took me a while to feel like writing all of these tedious sentences of introduction and description.  The pictures will include results (nope, not a how-to) of the construction of a bench for the yard, and a firewood holder, which holds firewood (indoors or out).  Here’s a list of important items for either project:

1.  A welder

2.  A circular saw

3.  An angle grinder

4.  Remnants of a former pot garden (previous owners of my house)–nice redwood (2×4, 4×4, and 2×6)

5.  Home Depot

6.  Spare steel tubing and plate from your roll bar project (see other posts); some square tubing you just bought for no reason

7.  Nails

8.  Spray paint

9.  Chisel (before using this, you should drill a shitload of holes in each 4×4 in a rectangular pattern)

10.  Hammer (always useful, for any project or conversation)

11.  Decent beer (try Eye of the Hawk or New Belgium Trippel–both cheap, easy, and full of alcohol)

12.  A couple spare hours

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