Medals for Backstroking?

Okay, the Olympic events are swell and all, but in my advancing age, I can’t help but see the skewed organization of them as they pertain to marketing, unreasonable rewards, and general bullshit.  Over the weekend, the women’s marathon took place; these women ran at a literally ball-busting pace, hovering around the five-minute zone, for 26.2 miles, in London rain.  These women deserve medals, because they worked hard, chose one event, and kicked ass amongst serious competition.  What may be most important here is this:  These women had very few chances for medals in other events.

Swimming?  Fuck you!  Who the hell cares about some geek doing the backstroke for a minute?  Why does this deserve a medal, or presence on TV?  Why do swimmers deserve so many opportunities at piles of gold, silver, and bronze, when a 123-pound guy who can lift three times his bodyweight gets maybe two shots?  Seriously, who’s more impressive?  Fuck you, swimmer.

We have people who do judo, wrestling, sprinting, velodrome (no brakes, motherfuckers!), pole vaulting, boxing, riding a bike for nearly 150 miles, etc.  All of these people are far more deserving of the medals they win than some geek doing a backstroke.  Seriously, world, stop giving people A-grades for not drooling on themselves!

Really, what the hell does Michael Phelps do for the world, other than sell Chinese-made products sold by Nike?

Prime-time TV:  It’s what tells the world what to do.

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