Anger Post: Sentencing

So the guy who shoots the hell out of a bunch of people in Arizona, one of whom was a U.S. Congresswoman, gets a life sentence?  For his murderous deeds, at the age of 23, he gets a lifetime supply of three hots and a cot?  How is this punishment for a lunatic virgin who probably would have been fine if he’d just gone out and found someone to touch his weenie for him?

People, please understand that humanity is not an acceptable result for someone who repeatedly demonstrates how he has no regard for humanity.  Damaged people need to stay clear of lawmaking.  This will help in a couple of ways, as I’ll enumerate below.

1.  The people of California have nearly the population of Little Rock, AR (or your other favorite non-coastal town/city/capitol) in prison, at a cost approaching $60,000 a head.  If the average citizen does not require this to live on, how is it that some creep in prison needs this?  Why does a guard who makes 30 grand a year in the South make $100,000 a year in CA?  Do some math, people!

2.  Three strikes is designed to put and keep as many people in prison as possible, at taxpayer expense.  Who does this help?  See above.  It is not punishment, nor is it reformation of character.

3.  To expand on #2 above, prison has become the new welfare.  In other countries of the world (not including Scandinavia), people genuinely do not want to go to prison.  They fear the conditions, which include actual punishment, starvation, beatings, hard labor, etc.  Not so much here anymore.  Working, being respectable, and paying bills have fallen out of favor for too many people.

4.  Mass murderers deserve welfare?  Is that what the people of Arizona are saying?

5.  Okay, last point:  If the government protects insurance companies who raise my rates every couple of months (I have not seen a doctor for anything in longer than I can remember, outside of a serious cut that needed stitches, years ago), oil companies who experience “record profits” every year (this is why we have idiotic hybrid cars, instead of the diesels they sell in Europe, which embarrass any hybrid outside of a freight train), and murderers who get free food and shelter for life, who is out there to work on behalf of the regular person?

Yes, I’m bitching, because I watch the news too much lately.  No, I do not own any handguns.  Yes, I’m still puzzled at how Romney(hood) does not know who the South voted for in the last presidential election (not Obama).

Whatever.  Watch more swimming.

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