Damn the low speed and eccentric bottom bracket, but thank fuck my teeth are okay!

So, on the bike front, my trusty Haro Mary SS, which I bought new in 2007 or so at Arkansas Cycling and Fitness (I think that was their name) in Sherwood, AR, has begun to take a dump.  I thought about this a bit as I was descending the not-so-dangerous Clementine side of things in the Auburn ravine (Nor-Cal, if you’re wondering where that is), what with my chain clanking around and all, and thoughts of wearing a boxer’s tooth guard ranging around the inner points of my helmeted head.  Before complaining of disorganization here, remember that I made an earlier post referencing why we wear helmets…  Anyhoo, by the power of distraction, I found myself rapidly flipping over the bars at relatively low speed, and bleeding from most points on my person; I actually hit my face on the ground, but was saved by the old styro.  My helmet wound up with a 1/4 inch divot right at the front-most point.  My lovely 29-inch front wheel now looks more like this flexible thing my wife sometimes uses to dry items of clothing, or a fabric taco, for those who are lacking a mental picture.  My front wheel is fucked, and to reference some of the earlier distraction, I’ve found why no one seems to have an eccentric bottom bracket any longer.  They do not last forever.  What does?  The need to be a successful writer?  Perhaps not even that.  Back to horizontal dropouts I go; I might be old enough now to be termed a retro grouch…

So years ago (like a decade), I had an On-One Inbred, before the 29-inch model existed–I loved that bike, and rode it for years, on two different frames, no less, even in the face of a Santa Cruz Superlight that couldn’t compete for attention.  The Haro cinched my love for the 29 inch wheel, 2.3 inch tires, and rigid forks; simplicity can’t be beat, especially with my history of never having suspension parts last longer than six months without blowing a seal of some kind.  So, unbeknownst to any others, I have ordered a new Inbred 29er frame and fork.  Here’s to change, in concert with multiple injury recovery, intact dentition, and a return to lost loves made of steel…  See lame, slightly related picture.

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