Blabbing about another Book…

So I thought my next post would be a write-up on another awesome notch on the old rustbucket’s belly, but I’ve had no such luck.  Since the not-yet-to-be-mentioned steering parts company decided to have my shit on backorder as soon as I ordered, I still find myself waiting and fantasizing about the UPS guy coming to my door.  It sounds like a gay dream…

So anyhoo, I thought I’d crap out another book blab session, since I’ve got nothing more interesting to yack about at the moment.  This one’s got a really cool and imaginative title:  Semiautobiographical Novel.  Can you beat that?  Perhaps it’s honesty in advertising…

Really, when you like a novel, it’s going to work in one of two ways, most of the time:  It’s either going to mirror your own personality and make you feel in good company, or it’s going to be way far out of your orbit, like science fiction seems to do for people.  I’m not a fan of the latter, so we get another ellipsis here…

Semiautobiographical Novel is a brief novel (duh!) about a mid-to-late 20-something guy with two jobs and a lot of hobbies; he’s also got a massive pain in the ass for a girlfriend.  Sound familiar?  He drives an old Datsun race car with no carpet, waits on his wrecked Ducati Monster to be fixed, and rides a bicycle with no brakes.  We can’t decide if his girlfriend’s a girlfriend or just someone on this side of a nervous breakdown with a nice rack; much like the Italian motorcycle, the hero always finds something to like amidst the aggravation.  The novel’s paced quickly, and provides insight into a common problem in today’s directionless economy (or race to the bottom); there’s work we can have, and there’s work we can earn.  There must be a reward…

I’m not doing the thing justice here, because I’m apparently still thirsty.  Check the free pages and make up your own damn mind:

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