The Outsourcing Tax

Over the last several days, I’ve tried to communicate with my former cable company, my phone company, and my (new) student loan debt holder.  All of these jerks have sent me to call centers in India.  It’s okay for us to pay these corporate assholes millions of dollars a year, provide nice new offices for them every five years, and pay constantly increasing fees, but it’s not okay for them to provide jobs to American citizens, the people who pay their salaries and rents?  Fuck you!

It’s time for the federal putzes in DC to start charging some fees, and do business honestly for a change.  I’m tired of putting Chinese parts on my 48 year-old car, simply because assholes make more money by having everything made there.  It’s just embarrassing.  The solution is  this:  Companies need to be charged a minimum of .50 cents on every dollar they make on everything they sell in the U.S. that was made in a foreign country.  All incentives must be removed, so this fucking country can get back to having a real economy.  Oh, but hey, that would mean that the corporations would have to invest less in politicians, and more in actually paying people to make shit…

So, in getting back to making the country real again, here’s the simple economic reality:  Unless you can make something, you’re not worth anything.  America used to be the king of production and innovation.  Now, we just think something up, train some people to make it in a distant land, then spend every dollar on marketing and executive pay.  We’re being eaten by the rest of the world.  People used to have boycotts on shit they thought shouldn’t be sold here, but Wal-Mart took care of that, since people literally want to buy some kind of crap every single day they can, without any regard for quality or provenance.

I guess I could continue to blame Wal-Mart, but they’ll probably sue me, or worse…

Here’s the question:  Why don’t Americans see anything weird about companies like Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Nissan providing awesome new factories for Americans to work in?  The plants are all over the South, and they’re new–even BMW has a plant for those stupid X-wing things.  Still, every other thing we buy is Chinese, and every “customer service” person is in India.  I have nothing against our Asian brothers; I just wish they’d quit making our country look so stupid.  More importantly, I wish the U.S. would quit selling itself off to them, and invest in itself again.

A final thought (thank you Jerry Springer):  When the foreign companies are starting up huge manufacturing facilities in your country (thanks for the jobs, by the way), and your “native” companies are having everything made in foreign lands, who is in charge?

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