Why we have helmets…

I thought it was time for a happy bike post.  So, I’ll begin with some sexy pictures:

So what I’ve been doing is this:  riding my road bike in the dirt.  Essentially, pavement just doesn’t get me where I want to go, and riding my mountain bike requires a car, so the road bike, after some miles of pavement, brings me to the dirt.

If you look at the pictures, the bike, for most people, is not quite suitable for pavement (at least in public), let alone dirt.  It’s a fixed gear Bianchi Pista, which I’ve had since 2004.  It has never had brakes, and has pretty much always had 700×25 bald-ass road tires.  It took a while to get used to the feel of bald tires on dirt, but it gets to be a bit fun, for those who can’t get enough of a thrill from riding the brakeless fixie in traffic.  The only downside is the lack of cars to kick and snarl at.  I highly recommend the experience–just look at the view!

Now the singletrack, that can make you a bit nervous, especially when the rocks come along.  I feel like kind of a douche at times, as I can’t jump the thing for shit, but hey, the guy I might pass on a bouncing downhill bike should surely feel more douchey…  Mostly, I stick to fire road and double track, then back to the pavement.

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