Book Promotion Time!

Okay, even people who spend time eating axle grease and burning holes in their knuckles with hot slag from a welder need to read once in a while.  It’s just a part of being a complete person.  One also needs a bit of physical exercise that has nothing to do with being bent over a large sheet of aluminum with an angle grinder, but that’s for a different post…

So, I present you with Stages of Stupid; it’s light reading, and it’s got a bit of everything.  Most importantly, the main character is a confused man in the midst of a perpetual identity (not sexual identity) crisis–he’s got some good hobbies, though, and some interesting kinds of stress.  The book is cheap (ebook only), and it’s available in many online locations, including Amazon, Barns and Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords, among others.  It’s entertainment!

Check it out here:

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